Friday, February 4, 2011

Breaking the Ice

So, I've been meaning to blog. I swear. I just keep running through my head all the things I have to cover in posts and it is kind of overwhelming. Once I finally get through my huge list of things that I need to cover I am usually exhausted and just put off writing for another day. Oh, and also, we don't have Internet at home so that kind of limits my abilities to write the dazzling prose you have all come to know and love. Insert sarcasm.

Here is a quick rundown. When I get the time, I'll try to come back to this list and fill you in.

1. We had a baby. I sort of feel like this could be the only item on the list and you would all understand why I haven't blogged in about 3 1/2 months. Vera Elizabeth was born on the 12th of October at 3:02 pm after 7 hours of Pitocin induced labor. And I didn't use any pain meds. I don't say this as a judgment against those who do (trust me, I DEFINITELY understand the appeal). I was just happy we were able to stick with that part of our birth plan even though I had to go through an induction. Vera was 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. She was, and is, perfect in every way. Such a blessing. Thank you Lord!

2. We moved across the country. Once again, this could be the only item on the list and I think you'd understand.

3. Our original plan for the house we were supposed to buy fell through... AS we pulled up to unload our moving truck. We are now renting the house we were going to buy and we just put in an offer on another house. Our offer was accepted, but our loan will be though the USDA so we are waiting on the government to approve the 2011 budget before we can get the house. Please pray that our ever-efficient government would get this one very important thing done in an expedient way. Here is the house that we hope and pray will soon be ours. :)

4. Marc is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Huron. Wow. This is a huge blessing and a big learning curve (more for me than him). Huron is the most diverse city in South Dakota! We love it! Our church is made up of Anglos and Karen people. To read more about the Karen and Judson, the American Baptist missionary who pioneered the Gospel in Burma, click here.

Okay, that is it. But I should also mention that Vera is a joy. She is so sweet and good natured (even if she does require a lot of cuddling). We are blessed.

And... I broke the ice on my blog.

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