Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Random List Thingy...

I stole this idea from a friend. I had a few minutes and thought I would answer some A-Z questions about myself.

{a} age :: 28
{b} bed size :: queen
{c} chore you hate :: dusting, dishes, vacuuming, laundry, etc. :)
{d} dogs :: only at the neighbor's house
{e} essential start to your day :: seeing Vera's face
{f} favorite color :: green
{g} gold or silver :: white gold
{h} height :: 5'1"
{i} instruments you play :: piano (badly)
{j} job title :: mommy and part-time staffing specialist
{k} kids :: Vera
{l} live :: Huron, SD
{m} maiden name :: Patterson
{n} nicknames :: Carebear, Squirt, Carrot
{o} overnight hospital stays :: when Vera was born
{p} pet peeve :: incorrect grammar
{q} quote :: Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. ~ Rose Franken
{r} righty or lefty :: righty
{s} siblings :: none :(
{t} time you wake up :: usually around 8:00 or so
{u} university attended :: University of Sioux Falls and Baylor University
{v} vegetables you dislike :: cauliflower
{w} what makes you run late :: everything!
{x} x-rays you’ve had :: teeth, chest (bronchitis), stomach
{y} yummy food :: pizza, pasta, pretty much anything full of carbs and fat. :)
{z} zoo animal favorite :: Howler monkeys - I like to howl back at them and get them all riled up.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vera's B-day Card and a Letter

I just can't believe our baby girl is almost a whole year old. This year has been so fast in so many ways, and yet so slow in other ways. I think the first few months drag on and on. I still remember wondering if there would ever be a time that Vera would hold her own pacifier in her mouth! :) She always wanted her pacifier, she just wanted us to hold it in for her! I remember wondering if she would ever reach for objects, if she would ever talk, if she would ever crawl. Even now I am wondering if she will ever walk and I am quite certain she will accomplish that soon as well!

I blurred out the details of her party in case I have blurkers (blog lurkers)!

Dear V,
What a blessing you are, sweet girl. Your smile lights up a room. You have the cutest little wave that melts the hearts of every person you meet - even cranky teenage boys! Your laugh is contagious, even if you are sometimes a little stingy with it when we tickle you. Speaking of tickling, I've never met a baby that tries quite so hard not to laugh when tickled! Your face gets all red and you hold your breath and grunt - all so you don't have to giggle out loud! Silly girl!

You are not afraid of much of anything. This both heartens me and scares me. May God use that fearlessness to lead others to Him. You are also not afraid of trying new foods. So far you've liked just about everything we have given you! You have had salsa, Pad Thai, and lots of spicy Karen food. When the food is spicy you eat it and give cute little fake coughs afterwards to let us know your mouth is burning - but then you want more! I can't believe I'm admitting this, but you've even had a little decaf iced coffee. There is a story to go with that one!

We were at a coffee shop with Sean, Theresa, and Belle and you were so mad that we weren't giving you any of our coffee drinks. In order to pacify you and get a few more minutes with our dear friends, we did something we said we would never do, we gave you coffee (even if it was decaf). We thought that you would hate it and you would learn your lesson. Boy were we mistaken! Now whenever you see us holding coffee you think you need to have some. We haven't let you have any more, but you sure are cute when you try to hold up our empty cups to steal the final drop or two. :)

You love all people. Old people, young people, strangers, and everyone in between. You often reach out your arms to go to a stranger if they show the slightest interest in you. We have already watched God use your gift of hospitality and unconditional love. Never lose that, sweet girl. You have ministered to grieving families, brightened up the day of lonely people in the local nursing home, and you are always charming the socks off the Walmart greeter!

Your favorite place to socialize is church. You often cry when we leave church because you want to stay and be with everyone. As soon as we walk in the doors you are greeted warmly, and usually whisked away on an adventure by one of our youth or other young moms. You have a unique childhood opportunity that not many people get, Vera. Daily, you are immersed in another culture through our Karen friends. You absolutely love them. You love their language, you love their beautiful skin color and you love their music. I love watching you dance as they sing in church or at parties. I remember one party where you were dancing and clapping and the ladies who were singing couldn't focus because you were getting so rowdy! They were all looking away and trying not to laugh at your antics.

Speaking of singing, you love music! You even "sing" along with us when we sing to you. It is like a little humming sound that reminds me of how people sing when they forgot the lyrics to a song. It is so cute! Your favorite song is "Baa Baa, Black Sheep." You say "Baa Baa" right along with us. You also love "The Frog Song," which makes your Grandpa Patterson quite happy! You will get your little tongue going along with grandpa when he sings.

The girls in our youth group dote on you. And our teenage boys call you "little sister" in Karen. I pray that as you grow you will learn the Karen language. You already have a preference for Karen people! In fact, although we probably shouldn't, we sometimes joke that you are a little "racist" because you always get more excited when you see people of color. I hope that you keep your enthusiasm for diversity. Your Dad and I prayed that we would find a way to raise you with a global mindset and I can already see that God is at work doing just that. Never forget how blessed you are to be raised this way, Vera. It is a gift to be welcomed in wholeheartedly to another culture.

I could go on and on about how wonderful you are, but I could never write enough to describe all the joy that I experience being your mother. Your Daddy and I pray that God will bless you with many, many more wonderful years. May you grow into the beautiful woman of God that we hope and pray you will be.

All my love,
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