Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baseball Wreath

I just finished a wreath in time for the excitement that is spring training. Well, my husband's excitement, not so much mine.

- wire wreath form
- burlap from a recycled coffee sack/or 6" wide burlap ribbon
- hot glue gun/glue
- 8 old baseballs
- 2 wire hangers or heavy gauge wire
- pliers with a wire cutter
- vice
- electric drill with bit slightly larger than the gauge of wire/hanger
- fabric scissors
- bow or leather to make a bow if you want one like mine

I started by deciding on placement. I had 9 sections on the wire form and 8 balls. I decided one section would have a ribbon so I decided to center the balls over each of the remaining 8 sections.

Then I cut strips of the burlap sack. The strips were about 6 inches wide. Burlap ribbon would have been an excellent choice, but this was free!

I bubbled the burlap in each section twice and tied it to the wreath form in the center of each section. I used bits of tan embroidery floss to secure the burlap "bubbles." When I had gone around the entire wreath I adjusted the appearance of the bubbles or poufs to get a more uniform look

I went to the garage and set the ball in the vice grip and used a drill to drill holes through the balls. Don't drill through the center of the ball but through the side. To better explain, if you think of the baseball as a globe you want to drill from the USA to Southern South America not from the North to the South pole.  Then I took apart several wire hangers and used 8-10" long pieces of the wire to run through the holes and twisted the balls to the wire form at the center of each section (except the bow section) on the wreath.

Once everything was complete I used the hot glue gun to secure pieces of burlap to ensure all of the green wire form was covered.

I also used burlap to line the back of the wreath and keep the wires hidden.

Next I made a now out of some spare leather I had in my fabric stash. I secured it to the wreath with hot glue.

Here is is completed!

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