Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"We are told that the eagle must renew itself every seven years. Its mighty wings become laden with oil and dirt, cracked and worn with use. Its beak and talons become calcified and brittle. Then it is that the the eagle retires to a cave or hiding place high beyond the reach of predators. There he begins an arduous process of renewal. With his great beak, he pulls out his mighty wing feathers one by one. And then each talon, claw by claw. Until at last, having neither talons nor feathers, he is defenseless except for his great beak, which he then begins to bash against the rocks, until it too is broken off, piece by piece. There he trusts and waits until beak, talon, and feathers have regrown. Eagles embrace these times of vulnerability and change and see within them the seeds of new opportunities. What others see as risk the eagle sees as opportunity"(source unknown).

It seems that when we are in times of transition or times where we are called to renewal, we often berate ourselves for needing this respite. Our response is often"If only I would have watched my time better I wouldn't be so burned out," or, "I feel lazy taking time for myself when there is so much to be done." Would that we could respond to our natural weariness as the eagle, and embrace the opportunity for vulnerability and rest. I know that I would be a better person for it.


Sarah Gail said...

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Sarah Gail said...

I'm glad that you liked it! :) I added you as a link. btw.

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