Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

Life has been a little crazy lately...with my job search, assistantship, and my crazy final semester. I guess you could say I've been a little depressed at times. I hate being down. Quite frankly I am also very bad at it. I just wish I could get a hold on peace and never let go. It seems like I spend most of my days chasing it around the room instead of stopping to let it catch me.

While I firmly believe God is leading others it is so hard to turn that around and believe it about myself. Your prayers are coveted. Thank you to those of you who are already in constant prayer for Marc and I as we transition into "Carrie's post-graduate school life." And now on a happier note.

Here is a picture of Syler, Ryan and Kristen Richardson's adorable babe. He has the greatest personality--just like Isaiah Patterson--all smiles and giggles! It makes me miss home even more. The good part is that I get to see this little guy every Monday (and sometimes more often) so that tides me over until I can hit up the big city of Sioux Falls! Here are some pictures of Syler and my friend Marly who is moving to Costa Rica to study Spanish.

May the Lord bless you today as you go about your Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Love the new design of your blog, Carrie. I always enjoy hearing what's up in your life.
Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Care about being content and trusting. I can't tell you how often I am amazed that God could possibly manage not only the rest of the world but particularly my own. There are times when I think,"Gee, maybe just this one time God has forgotten me because he is too busy helping everyone else!" But then something happens and I am reminded that God is totally in charge of my life. Carrie, you love the Lord and live to serve Him. God knows that and is preparing the way for your future. You're such a wonderful young woman. The kind of daughter a father enjoys, loves and greatly respects. God has given you tremendous gifts. He is just opening doors and getting things ready for your future!

I don't know about you but the way God works in my life is He says, "OK, get on the diving board and walk out!" I look at God and respond with, "But God there's no water in the pool!". God looks at me again and says, "Hey, do you trust me?" I respond with, "Yes Lord, of course I trust you!" And then God tells me to come out further on the board and finally says, "OK my friend, JUMP!" I respond with, "But God, there's no water!" God looks at me and says, "Do you love me?" I respond with, "Yes God". Then God says, then jump!" I jump and when I land, there is water in the pool! Have faith that God is truely in charge Sweetie and that there is water in your pool!



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