Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Okay, so I know it has been sent to most of you already via spam emails, but this video is so funny. As a former media studies major this is especially funny. I truly do not understand how one guy could mess up this much in less than four minutes!

Play by play:

21 sec - "Oh no."

1:20 - Mouths "I am so sorry."

2:26 - "...passes it to the man, shoots it and BOOM goes the dynamite!"

The best part is that he is now working as the sports guy at Waco's very own KXXV! Yes, you read that right... Waco.

Click here to check him out.


Dianna said...

Oh that is so painful to watch. He must have been really nervous and beating himself up about it afterward. Poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! He must have made a HUGE improvement to even stay in the business! I'm surprised they didn't cut to commercial after 20 seconds of silence. I wanted to jump in the screen, grab his notes and take over. Of course, that would make his fiasco look professional. Thanks for sharing. Mom :-)rkkoqun

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