Friday, September 5, 2008

Thirty by 30

As you know I am only 25, but there are some things I want to do before I am thirty--not because I think thirty is the end of anything, but because it is a good "mile marker" and an excuse to do some things that I've always wanted. Plus, Sara Patterson gave me the idea and I think she is great! :)

In no particular order...

1. Go back and stay at our honeymoon suite for at least 3 day and 3 nights...just because.

2. Eat Ethiopian food.

3. Have a Vitek's Gut Bomb.

4. Workout at least 3 times a week :)

5. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy. (This one is so that Marc will quit bugging me!) :)

6. Get involved in a women's bible study.

7. Lose 25 lbs. of fat.

8. Move back to the Midwest.

9. Have a baby. (But this one will happen much closer to thirty!)

10. See the Grand Canyon.

11. Go on a roadtrip/vacation with Sean and Theresa (and their little bundle!).

12. Learn to knit.

13. Make a quilt.

14. Read the entire Bible (kind of sad that I haven't done it yet...).

15. Read one book a week for a year.

16. Preach a sermon.

17. Get another tattoo.

18. See a game in the new Yankee's Stadium.

19. See Wicked on Broadway.

20. Run a mile in under 10 minutes (this may not seem like a big goal to some of you, but...).

21. Take a yoga class.

22. Bake a cheesecake (Sean, I may be calling for help on this one).

23. Find a mentor.

24. Grow something from a seed (once again, this may not seem hard to some of you...).

25. Write one note to a friend a week for a year.

26. Learn the basics of web design and upkeep.

27. Get up to watch the sunrise (at the risk of sounding like a broken record, this may not seem hard, but...).

28. Go camping.

29. Take a class.

30. Scrapbook our life in Waco.


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you for having set those goals. Some of them create more excitement and anticipation than others for me personally. Those would be #8 and #9. I am willing to wait for both. Having you move back to the Midwest and seeing you and Marc more often would be my heart's desire. Of course, holding a grandbaby would be totally awesome, too. I know that we have to wait, but.....
Some of the other goals sound interesting and fun as well. They may not be something I would do myself, but you are your own person. Power to you!!!
Love you, Mom :-)

Sara said...

Rock on! What's the gut bomb?

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