Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Want to check out what I do?

Here is a link to the magazine that Methodist Children's Home publishes every quarter. This most recent issue is my first issue. It was a lot of fun to write for this issue. We divide the articles and photos out between Bryan and myself - but we don't have bylines, so if you have a question about what I wrote, let me know!

Click on the picture of the cover for the link to our Sunshine magazine pdf.


Anonymous said...

I wrote a fun response to your comment on Theresa's "Faces of Sean" post. Hehehe! I'm going back to Iowa on Sunday and I am going to get a photo of me kissing a pig! Did you kiss a pig at my farm? I forget. ~Melissa

Anonymous said...

Well, then, I suppose you need to come to Iowa and see Theresa, Sean, and Baby Hagey and make a trip to the Rupp farm while you're there! If there aren't any baby pigs at the time, you could always kiss a sow or a boar! hehe!

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