Thursday, January 15, 2009

Checking that off my list! pencil...

Well, it would appear that my "Burn Project" otherwise known as the DVD tour of the Waco campus and Boys Ranch is done. I receieved the copies of the DVD from the duplicating service.

Today I passed out copies to the administrators and the Admissions office. Now I am tentatively checking off this pencil. I'm still nervous I'll hear something back saying, "That picture is of a kid who can't be shown!" Give me a week and then I think I'll feel a little more confident. But the illusion of being done with the project is appealing, even if it is only an illusion!

Aren't they pretty! Perhaps not, but they took about 6 months to produce!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Although this may be premature, HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this has weighed heavily on your mind and you were just plain tired of working on it. So, go have a cup of latte and celebrate. Love you! Mom :-)

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