Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I may need to eat that frog...

Please watch this short clip. It is a great reminder to take things and get them done and finished before they "eat" at us. I need help in that department from time to time. :)


Anonymous said...

Need to be careful however. If you eat the frog, be sure you REALLY get it down or you might not be able to talk real well ("I have a frog in my throat!!!")

Lot of truth to that Care ! Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

You live near/went to school at Baylor, correct? Well, I LOVE BAYLOR!!!!! THEY KICKED THE SNOT OUTTA KU YESTERDAY IN THE BIG XII TOURNEY!!!! YEAHHHH BUDDY!!!!!

(We'll be quiet and not talk about how another team from your state beat the Cats after Clemente missed a 3 right before the buzzer ...)

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