Thursday, June 25, 2009

For Theresa

Here is one of my craft projects. And suprise! It involves my little jelly Belle-y. :) I know you mentioned you like the pictures, so here it is!

The frame was a Goodwill find last year around Christmas. It used to be a weathered unfinished wood tone. I painted it teal and yellow last year and hated it. Then, right as I was about to throw it out (what was I thinking?!), Marc stopped me. Thanks, babe!

I painted it a fun shade of yellowish green (lots of coats) and cut out a piece of vintage fabric I bought at a local junk store. Then I mounted a picture of the cutest little bug in the frame on an angle to show her "sass" and "spunk." :)

I think this is a fun way to reuse an old frame and it is also an easy way to use up those awkward 5x7 frames we all have sitting around. I don't get to the photo store often enough to print 5x7s, so the funky fabric background is a nice touch that allows me to frame some of my special odd-sized or 4x6 photos.

Now this photo of little Belle sits proudly on my desk at work! Enjoy!

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