Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Unconventional Afternoon

To start with, I had to go to the dentist. Normally I get excited about the dentist if it involves laughing gas. Seriously. I LOVE laughing gas. It is probably some sort of weird addiction that I should look into (not really!). But for a naturally anxious person laughing gas is like a reprieve from my own overactive mind, but I digress.

This advertisement from 1845 makes me laugh. It even says,
"Those who inhale the Gas once, are always anxious to inhale it the second time."
I can't imagine going to an old-fashioned laughing gas party,
but it sounds pretty interesting.
Click on image to see source site.

No laughing gas for me, at least not during my appointment yesterday. I got my crown glued on to my root canal. Fun, huh? It didn't hurt at all, but it did take an hour and a half out of my day. And I was miffed that the procedure didn't involve laughing gas - in a sick way I had been looking forward to it. :)

Then I came back to work. It was great. I got to go over to beautiful Cameron Park and photograph some guys from the Boys Ranch spending their insanely hot summer day fishing, hiking, disc golfing and playing catch. Some of my favorite homeparents from the Ranch were there and we got to talk. It was really fun (minus the intense sweating from the 100 degree heat).

On my way back to campus I decided to splurge for a Sonic drink, after all, it was Happy Hour at Sonic (half-price drinks). As I was driving past the back side of the Methodist Children's Home campus I saw that our kids were in the pool hanging out and playing games. Photo Op! Of course I took advantage of that!

After photographing the campus kids at the pool for a while, I headed back to the office to download my pictures and video and do some quick editing before heading home. But life had other plans for me. As I was turning one of the many corners in our confusing campus my car shut off (including power steering) and I was forced to manually turn the wheel and coast down the hill. I shut off the car for a while and restarted it thinking it may have just overheated from all the driving around town, but it made some scary "everything is NOT right with the world" noises when I restarted it.

So there I was. Bottom of the hill in one of the most confusing campuses I've ever been in, thinking, "Man, it's going to be fun trying to explain where I am to the tow truck operator." And it was a little complicated.

Sitting on the side of the road watching many of our staff drive by as they left from their work shift was a great time of reflection on being a good Samaritan. I was blessed by everyone who stopped to check on me. I laughed as some (very few, mind you) avoided me. And I was humbled by one man who actually pulled over and got out of his car to offer help.

I work in a great place. But beyond that, I serve a God who is beyond bad days and unreliable cars. Praise the Lord!

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