Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friendly Fun

We love kid movies. :) Here are our friends, Adam and Lynne, watching Ice Age 3. It was really fun! :)

And here we are, looking silly! :)

One evening, Jalon and Dianna came over and we had yummy "Matilda" cake and ice cream. After our yummy food we were inspired to share our handy homemaker tricks. I know, we're weird. I showed Jalon how to fold a fitted sheet. Thanks, Martha, you might be full of yourself, but you did teach me how to fold a fitted sheet and it has changed my laundry loving life.

After mastering the art of folding a sheet, we moved on to folding t-shirts. I remembered that I once saw a video online that demonstrated how to fold a t-shirt in two seconds. It was in Japanese. That could explain the looks on our faces in the next picture.

Here I am trying it on my own.

Here we are trying it together.

Don't worry. We totally mastered it because we are awesome. Then, one week later, we showed off for our other friends. I would like to say that they were impressed, but I think they just thought we were weird for watching a video in Japanese.

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Mel Gruver said...

FYI- That is how I fold my shirts...and everyone else's shirts I can get my quick fingers on...for about four years now. After a while you don't even have to "draw" the imaginary line with your hand...LOVE IT.

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