Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great idea for a cheap side-table

Need a cheap side-table for a bedroom or guest room? Here is a GREAT idea that I stumbled upon today. I got the idea from Primatives ~ Life ~ Art. This is a great site for fun trash to treasure ideas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Primatives. Seriously.

1. Find an old drawer. I would suggest going to a junk store or an estate sale. I haven't done much on Craigslist yet (it is pretty picked over in the Waco area and I just haven't had the time to devote to browsing the "nooks and crannies" of the site. Or, perhaps you even have a great shop in town like Laverty's here in Waco! I know I have seen tons of old drawers there at Laverty's, and since they have no obvious "purpose" to most people, they are usually very cheap and affordable.

2. Here is a photo of the "before" from the Primatives site.

They chose to take off the knob and fill it with wood filler to make a smooth top to the side-table. I think that it could be fun to leave it on there so that you can tell what it used to be in its "former" life.

3. They then cut some wood for the middle shelf and attached some 2x4s to the bottom for legs and then painted it. Here is the after picture from their site. Isn't it cute?

If I were making this, I think that I would try to find some fun old legs at the junk shop rather than using simple 2x4s. I am thinking that they probably chose the 2x4s (as Marc suggested) to make it a little sturdier. What a wise hubby! I still think it would look cute with fun legs, but it would all depend on what you could find.

I think this would be perfect for a little lamp in a guest room or for some bedtime books and a night-light lamp in a baby room or kids room. You could also use this idea (minus the legs, of course) to make a wall shelf for toys, figurines or even (hint hint, Marc) Willow Tree figurines. :)

Thanks, Primatives!


Tiffani R said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea, Carrie!

I was thinking - couldn't you get drawer pulls at home depot that screw in and could serve as feet for the shelf? I think it would be kind of a wink at its old purpose to take the drawer pull out of the original front of the drawer, but then it ends up sitting on the pulls.

Could be cute. :)

Anonymous said...

This is so fun!! I would love to try this. Check out Esme's and Laverty's and I bet you will soon have a new project underway. I will now be combing places here in good old SD, too. I wish I had more time for woodworking.

Keep finding those awesome ideas!
Love you, Mom :-)

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