Thursday, November 19, 2009

What is your blog anyway?

I've been asked this question a few times. It usually makes me a little introspective. It reminds me of a very intense experience of immersion into another culture, specifically, the time Marc and I spent in Kenya.

In Kenya, we were profoundly affected by the openness of the people. They didn't seperate their lives into categories as much as we Americans. They had life. We had work, church, Lifegroup, Baylor, Truett, family, Waco friends, Sioux Falls friends, etc. Why were we seperating our life out into little bits? Why were we only allowing certain people access to certain parts of our lives?

Through this experience, I felt a calling to live a more undivided life. While it is certainly not always possible to do this completely, I am trying.

So what is my blog? It is me... undivided. All of me: my craftiness, my family, my thoughts, what I'm reading, things I think are neat. It is my hope that reading my blog is sort of like sitting down for a great cup of coffee. My desire is to live undivided, so you are welcome to all of me.


Lindsay said...

Love this!

Laura said...

I think this exact reason is why people become so close during college. Being separated isn’t an option when you are living with someone and when you share so much of your life (school, home, activities, church, bible studies, meals, etc.). Did I mention that I miss sharing my life with you?

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