Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Have a Camera!

Look what I got! It is a Canon SX20. While it isn't a digital SLR, it is pretty much the next best thing. I picked this camera by Canon because it has an awesome optical zoom range (20x zoom), good megapixels (12.1mgpx) and a 2.5 in vari-angle display screen. Basically it means it takes awesome pictures and with the vari-angle display, you can take those ever-popular self or couple-portraits with ease!


It is also really easy to just pick up, point and shoot. That is important for my husband who values ease-of-use over just about everything else. :) The next photo was taken by our lovely friend, Jalon. We had a fun dinner out tonight with friends. It was great!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I may be making one of these tomorrow! :)

Image and tutorial from Crap I've Made.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Yoiu got a camera. I just mentioined to your mother if you guys had either found your camera or had bought a new one! I know I would certainly feel out of touch without a camera! All I can say is, "Qwick, wuick!"



P.S. Sure miss you guys!

Lindsay said...

Oh I love that strap. I have one but mine doesn't have cute ruffles like that...I love it!

Candice said...

Hooray for a new camera! Somehow I missed this post... boo. Anyway, I love the strap. Although, at first I thought it looked like a really cute belt... maybe you try that next! :)
Hope you're loving the camera!

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