Friday, May 28, 2010

The Nugget Poll, Part 1

The Nuggster is doing quite well as far as I can tell. I "popped" yesterday and I am feeling pretty huge. I know that I will laugh at this post in the coming months, but it is how I feel. I can actually feel my belly stretching! Crazy.

We find out a little more about the Nugget on Tuesday. We are going to try to see if it lets us know if it is of the male or female variety. We're hoping the Nugget isn't too shy with this important piece of information. :) I'm thinking boy and Marc is thinking girl. We would be happy with either, we just want to know!

What do you think? Vote in the poll on the right sidebar. Time is running out! The mystery will soon move on to "Does the baby have hair?" and "Will the baby get the famed Anderson nose?"

So vote now before the mystery is history. Wow...that was lame.

But seriously, vote. It makes me happy. :)


Jess and James said...

Hey, I just realized something. You should be able to check off your #7 on your things to do checklist once you have the baby ;). YOu should lose that within the first week!!!!!!!

Carrie said...

This baby actually allows me to check of quite a few! I sure hope #7, but then, I would love it if I don't gain that much (wishful thinking). :)

I also get to check off #9 (obvious), #29, and I have a feeling #27! :)

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