Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pregnancy Reflections, Volume 2

Now that I've been rocking this pregnancy for about 5 months, I thought it was about time for another update. Here are some random thoughts.

-I've started to do things differently because I have no abs. For example I've totally changed the way I get out of the car, get up from the couch and get out of bed. I mean, it isn't like I had brag-worthy abs before, but now they are pathetically non-existent.

-People who know I'm pregnant smile at me and look at my belly. And depending on the shirt I'm wearing strangers either smile or stare. I think I might still be a little bit in that awkward, "Is she pregnant or just chubby?" phase. I'll be glad when that's over.

-Shopping in maternity stores is hilarious. Women checking out women...their bellies, that is. It is hilarious. I love that when I notice a pregnant lady checking out my belly I can read her mind. I know she is totally comparing our sizes. I guess it is the pregnant version of a guys locker room.

-Pardon my french, but where the hell am I supposed to buy underwear? Target doesn't have it, Walmart doesn't have it. I mean, I don't really want to fork over $14.99 for 3 pair at Motherhood Maternity. I live in the 16th poorest city in the nation, you would think they would have options that were cheap. I'm talking Hanes Her Way cheap, my friends. Am I just supposed to go commando?

-It is physically impossible to wash my hands at the sink without covering my shirt belly in water. Ridiculous.

-It is also physically impossible to eat pretty much anything without spilling on myself in a telltale track down the center of my shirt. Awesome.

-I feel the baby, her name is Vera, a lot now. She is pretty active around 3:30 in the afternoon and 10:30 at night. And when she isn't, I worry. And I know I shouldn't worry, but I still do.

-Marc felt Vera for the first time on Father's Day. Aw! :)

-Cheese is the best thing ever made. I love it. A lot.

That is it for now. I'll add more as I think of it. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

So I was reading your Thirty by 30 and thought maybe you should cross of Have a Baby...

And it's a huge deal to me too, to run a mile in under 10 mins. Right now...on the treadmil I'm at about 13 min.

Jonathan and Lyndsy Manz said...

The water at the sink was such an annoyance to me. I learned to stand 3 feet back and lean forward looking like a complete fool- but keeping my shirt dry :)

Carrie said...

That would be a good plan, Lyndsy, but unfortunately I have T-Rex short arms and can't read the faucet! :) What a dilemma! :)

Anonymous said...

Some of the strangers who look at your tummy and smile may be "expectant Grandmas" like me. Every time I see a pregnant lady I look at her tummy, wonder when she is due, and think of how happy I am that I'm a Grandma. I can't wait to see you and Marc.
Love you,
Mom :-)

Anonymous said...

You think you have it bad about standing three feet away from the sink so you don't get wet. Shoot Carrie, I've had that problem for years with my belly and I'm not pregnant. In my case it is terminal, but remember it isn't in your case.

So sorry about the T=Rex short arms. Part of the gene pool you got from my side of the family. Then you have the Anderson arms. Maybe Vera will get a happy medium in the arms department!!!!! Just kidding!

I know one thing. Vera will be PERFECT!!!! We can hardly wait to see you, Marc and Vera in a few weeks!

I am leaving for church and LOL. I suspect I will start to laugh again either during the morning prayer or sermon when I think about your hilarious tales of the life of pregnancy Part #2. And I am suppose to be in church praying for the pastor today! Good luck!


Tiffani R said...

Love the name Vera. So sweet. Also love your pregnancy reflections. keep it up!

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