Monday, October 15, 2007

Update on our Life as of Late

I just finished what I believe to be the most ridiculous midterm I have ever completed. I wrote 24 pages. It was much too long (6 long mult-question essays), and several of the questions were yes/no questions. I was tempted to just answer with one word, even though I know that is not what the professor wanted. :) But the beast is complete and turned in, so I shall turn to more pleasant topics.

I had fun watching Marc laugh his way through a paper on Bob Jones Sr. and his impact in Christianity. Marc chose Bob Jones as his "impactful Christian" subject after I recounted tales from my History of Christian Higher Education class this past summer. His assignment was to choose an individual in Christianity and trace their impact ultimately ending with, "How would Christianity be different if he/she had never existed?"

Always the controversial one, my husband chose a flaming fundamentalist for his subject. Of course this is to be expected considering he wrote his Epistle in college to the Southern Baptist Convention. For an individual who claims to love harmony he is quite edgy!

I just found out that I am going to NODA in the last week of October. NODA (National Orientation Director's Association) is a great organization and I am praying that since the conference is in central Texas I will make some great future contacts with potential employers. I can hear my Dad in my head saying, "Yes! NETWORKING!!! She gets it!!!" Yes Dad, I get it. And thanks. :)

We found out recently that we will be able to go home for Thanksgiving. All the way back to good old SD! I am excited for the trip, especially because it will be the second time we have driven. The last time I swore it would be my last time, but apparently time heals all wounds. I am excited about the road trip and time with Marc. We seem to be revolving doors of homework, work, and meetings lately.

Well that may be enough of an update for now. We are happy here in Texas, but we long for the open prairie and beautiful sunsets of South Dakota.

I never thought I would miss winter so much. If you still live there consider yourself blessed. We have a treasure there that I never appreciated until now. As Quaker tradition states, "I will continue to hold you to the light."


Rese Hagey said...

ah, yes...and the picture of Carrie walking on the winter USF flip flops...comes to mind...

Christina Hitchcock said...


Great to hear from you! Thanks for posting comments on our blog -- we love comments! what is all this about Kenya? I have a vague memory of you guys going on a mission trip there, right? How'd it go?

Christina Hitchcock said...

His name is actually Lazarus, but we call him Z for short. He was born on July 15 by C-section after 36 hours of labor (he got turned the wrong way and refused to come out!). He's a pretty normal baby, but as parents we're pretty clueless most of the time. It's an adventure!

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