Saturday, October 13, 2007

Baylor Transfer Council Retreat

So I admit, it doesn't look like they are having much fun, but I swear they like me! This is from our BTC or Baylor Transfer Council Retreat this fall. We went to Latham Springs. It is a little campground about thirty minutes northish of Waco. Apparently it also runs alongside the Brazos river. When we went on our little nature walk we found a "little stream" that wound up being the Brazos. Pretty cool! So all of this is just to say how much I love BTC and being their advisor. They are all very down to earth and fun and they put up with me, so what more can I ask for? I am really starting to have a passion for transfer student issues and concerns. I don't know if this passion and interest stems from a little God nudge in this direction or if it is just for a season, but either way I am blessed to know these wonderful people and I hope that I can learn much more from them before the year is done. God is good!
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