Thursday, December 20, 2007

Please do not read if you don't like cats... or at least Oscar

Today we recieved a Christmas package from my parents in the mail and opened it. Don't worry, the presents inside were wrapped. However, they were packaged with some lovely brown packing paper which Oscar immediately took a liking to. Please see the following videos to watch Oscar enjoying his "Christmas present." :)

So this was only part one. I know... *groan*. Part two was the discovery of the comfyness of the packaging material itself!

So, on behalf of all of us, Merry Christmas from Texas: the land of the paper-loving cat.


Anonymous said...

When we sent the gifts in the box, we didn't realize we were also sending a great gift for Oscar! That cat is hilarious and deserves to have his own blog!!!! Merrry Christmas and looking forward to seeing you Carrie next week. Marc we want Carrie to put you in her suitcase and come along!

Mom and Dad Patterson

Sarah Gail said...

That is something my parent's cat, Pest, would do as well. I know you've said that Pest sounds like Oscar, but goodness, I didn't realize how right you were!! They would probably be good friends if they didn't live so far away!

Merry Christmas Carrie, Marc and Oscar!

Dianna said...



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