Monday, December 3, 2007

Sewing Woes...

So I just took the plunge and did the pledge. I am truly a real crafter now my friends! So I have a few projects up my sleeves that I would like to try out. Unfortunately, just in time for the holidays my trusty 1946 Featherweight Singer pooped out on me. The bobbin spinner is way to fast for the rest of the machine and it causes tangled threads.

Although they seem to love it!

Whilst I wait for the use of my friend Mel's machine on December 14 (12 days away--not that I am counting...) I will be dreaming of fabric and zig-zag stiches. Which reminds me. If any of my thousands (ha!) of readers have an extra sewing machine lying around that they would like to give me I would take it!

So, if you want to be cool like me and take the handmade pledge go to This site has lots of great stuff for sale from great crafters just like me who need to sell stuff to support their habit. And a lot of it is very eco-friendly which is even more cool! What can I say, I'm becoming a crazy, liberal, recycling Texan!

1 comment:

Sarah Gail said...

1. You make me smile.
2. If that sewing machine in the picture is yours- my mom has the same one. It doesn't work anymore but she has it.
3. I have a machine, but unfortunately it doesn't work either and it's in KY.
4. Good luck with the end of your semester!

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