Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Harold our Plant, a Rant

He started out as a cute little philodendron from Wally-World. He was doing great. Just a happy little guy... didn't require much. You could say he was easy to please. He looked a lot like this guy here:

When we decided to move to Texas he was supposed to come along...but like the parents in Home Alone we forgot him in the hustle and bustle and he ended up on a very long extended vacation with my parents.

During the year and half he spent with Mom and Dad he had some rough times (see picture below)...

To make a long story short Mom took him to her classroom so he could get more sun (translation: he was dying).

At several points here she self-admittedly thought of switching him out for another plant before we got home. She even hoped we would forget about him so that she wouldn't have to see our face when we saw this...

It has been a rough little journey for droopy old Harold. We hope Texas treats him better than South Dakota did. Upon arrival at our apartment he got a prompt emergency soil aeration and our hopes are high that the little guy will make it through. :)

By the way... I love you Mom and Dad. :)


Dianna said...

Aw, poor harold.

I totally just noticed your background picture appears to be one that I took. Is that correct?

Anonymous said...

Remember, Ramonda who was my secretary who kept our 1st "Harold" plant alive always felt that caffeine was the key for a healthy plant! We didn't do any of that while your Harold was housed in your old bedroom at our house. We are praying for Harold. Every family should have a "Harold" plant don't you think Carrie?

Love ya,


P.S. Don't worry, Mom and I weren't offended about your comments about how pathetic your Harold plant looked when you took it back with you to Texas. Just like our parenting skills, we did the best we could with Harold!!!!!!

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