Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Babies, Moccasins, Plants, and Bathroom Stalls: My Trip to Sioux Falls

I don't know why it has taken me so long to post, but I know I need to update! I found out something very exciting this last weekend; I have friends and family who read my blog! I think previous to this experience I mostly wrote to the great abyss called the Internet (that thing Al Gore invented--you know). However now that I am enlightened... okay, nothing will probably change. I will still write random thoughts and include my musings. Some fun things happened. Here they are for those of you who care to continue reading:

1. I got to hug my parents, in-laws, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, and cousins Sara, and Andy and their ADORABLE kids!

2. I held a baby for a ridiculous amount of time. It was like therapy for my soul to feel that little living, breathing, lovable heat-pad in my arms. Thanks to Sara, Andy, Josiah, and Tim, Barb, Sara's Grandma, Mom, Dad, and Marc for allowing me to unconditionally hog the little cutie. Oh, and thanks to Isaiah for being too young to protest my attentions! :)

3. I heard Josiah talk! He is so cute and we miss him so much. He has such a fun little personality. I loved hearing him talk about his "moan" (phone) and his "ba" (brother). :)

4. I reconnected with my sister-in-law Dianna. It was so nice to see her. I feel almost like we entered a new phase in our relationship this last week. She has grown and developed so much from her travels overseas. I love to hear her reflections on life and I am excited to continue this new chapter with my sister.

5. I got a chance to catch up with my best girl-friend Theresa Hagey and her hubby Sean (who happens to be Marc's bestie). What a blessing of God they are! Every time we get together I have a little fear in the back of my mind that things will have changed, that they will have found new couple-friends... that we won't be important to them anymore. While I still have these struggles it was good to see that once again my fears were unfounded. Thank you Sean and Theresa for your unconditional love for Marc and me. I am more convinced than ever that what we share is rare and wonderful.

6. My Mom bought me new moccasins! They are cute. :) Here is a picture just to prove it. I know I'm weird.

6b. I find no shame in saying that my Mom bought the moccasins. We are poor but happy. :)

7. I reclaimed Harold our marriage philodendron! Marc and I got him when we had only been married a few months. When we moved we forgot him on my parents' kitchen table. I will write a post about Harold's "story" soon.

8. I ran into an old college friend (Tanya Mark) in a random little town in Missouri! I came out of the bathroom stall and heard someone say my name. It was providential.

9. I used the phrase "old college friend"... depressing.

10. I mused with Marc for two hours in the car on things we love about South Dakota and the Midwest area. It was a sweet time with many tears, several laughs, and commitments to someday permanently return to our "homeland." My favorite musing was missing the way that farmers leave random farm equipment out in the middle of a field...for the whole winter. :)


Sean & Theresa Hagey said...

oh, carrie, i just love your blog...i've always loved your writing syle.
your old college friend

Sara said...

As the mother of those adorable children you've just gushed over, I should be stuck on that, but I'm shaking my head over your kismet meeting with a college buddy in Missouri. Gives me goosebumps for some reason I can't quite explain. love you, Sara

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you and Marc while you were in SF. I'm glad to hear that someday, someway you'll be back in the Midwest.
Love you lots,
Aunt Barb

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