Monday, April 21, 2008

No News is Good News?

I am in that intolerable period called waiting. I am not very good at it. There is some freedom in naming and claiming the fact that I am inpatient and faithless. I have trouble seeing God working in this, but I know He is. I just got a call from Mercer today letting me know that I am still in the running for their Res. Life position. That was a shock! I hadn't heard anything from them since I applied in the end of February! Now I am faced with deciding if we are interested in potentially packing everything up and moving to Macon, GA. There is a seminary connected to Mercer (McAfee in Atlanta) but I am pretty sure my position would be in Macon (1 1/2 hrs away) which doesn't put us in a better position than waiting it out around here. I need to pray about this for awhile and see if that gets me any clarity. In the meantime I wanted to give you all an update. I haven't heard from Baylor on my various positions yet... but as the adage goes, "no news is good news." Right? :) God is good. Waiting is hard. :)

Mercer v. Baylor :)


Sarah Gail said...

1. Love the new lay out.
2. Have you considered Asbury College? It's in KY and they have hall director openings and a seminary that's attached. . . I looked at Asbury for college, it's a great school! Here's there site:

Everything will work out! Praying for you!

Anonymous said...


Love your blog and the info about you guys. I got your blog address from your Mom. Waiting is hard, but don't forget to enjoy the search and the anticipation of the upcoming adventure. Before you know it, you'll be off and running in at a new job. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!


Melis P.

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