Friday, April 25, 2008

When a Church Starts Eating Its Members

I have seen a sad thing today. I have seen a church that has ceased to be the Church. I have seen a group of people that I used to respect turn on one of their own. I have seen them behave in hateful ways. I have seen more than I ever wanted to see... and I am angry.

I am angry that we forgot what it means to be "be the family of God in this place." I am angry that we forsook our promise to each member. Today we beat down one of our own. The promise we made to her eighteen months ago seems long since forgotten.

"We pledge ourselves to be the family of God for you in this place. We offer you our love our care our kinship and our hopes. We hope to learn from you, give to you, and receive from you by Gods grace."

In our effort to be swift and political we lost our heart and the love of Christ. Where was grace today? Where was unconditional love? Where was Paul's admonition to confront one another in love first one-on-one and only later with a "posse"? It was far from my church. And quite frankly it makes me sick inside to think that I tithe to this cannibalistic collective.

Yes, there is no perfect church. I am not that disillusioned. But I am also not going to wear rose-colored glasses and claim that all is well. Since our head pastor left we have turned on one another. It almost reminds me of Lord of the Flies. We have truly lost hold of the reality that we only survive if we remain in authentic community.

It is a sad day indeed when a church starts eating its own members.


Anonymous said...

It is very disheartening when a church fails to follow through with the command to "Love one another just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it." Unfortunately, the world seeps in and the church forgets that we are to be "in" the world, but not "of" the world. It should be different, but... We will hold your church up in our prayers. Our hearts ache with you because WE are all "one body". Try to place it in God's hands.

We continue to claim Jeremiah 29:11 and Proverbs 3:5-6 for your future. Love you so much, Mom

Anonymous said...

Your church and some (probably a few) of your members who did this extremely "UNCHRISTIAN" act towards your sister in Christ needs to repent. But unfortunately churches are full of people like that. We fail continuously. Thanks to you and Marc for the way you have ministered to this special friend. I feel bad for you and her. Our church has experienced several very arrogant ordained ministers who decided to classify sin into categories. It only hurts the witness of those people. God bless you guys!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Great idea. We think you and Marc whould join the adult choir at church. Be sure to go to EVERY practice and EVERY performance and be sure you sing loud and off-key. Shoot, go ahead and take the solo part why you are at it! Oh, there wasn't a scheduled solo? Sorry! And then tell everyone that the director is your private voice teacher! You know on the 8th day, God created adult choirs for churches! All the Bible says is to make a joyful noise!!


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