Friday, May 2, 2008

Things I think are cute and make me smile

Today started out as a not-so-fun day. Therefore I have decided to post things that make me smile. Here is one to begin the tour of happy things.

Here is another one. This is how I feel...

This is too cute... I want to cuddle these little guys!


OSCAR!!!! What a cat!

Mzungu! That's what they called me! How I wish I could be in Africa today!

Gotta love the Pattersons!


Dianna said...

That picture of Josiah and Isaiah is just absolutely hilarious. AWwwww.

Anonymous said...

I love your choice of pictures that make you smile. Guess what? Every one of them made me smile, too. What a good choice you made to think about the good things in life instead of concentrating on the negative stuff.

Worship today also made me glad to be a part of God's family. I am so very glad that we are family, too. You are a wonderful daughter and I am so excited that in 11 days we will be together. Woo Hoo!!! Love you, Mom :-)

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