Friday, May 23, 2008

I Graduated... and I am FREAKED OUT!

Well friends, I am a little nervous about an upcoming interview. It is for a public relations/community relations/development position at a children's home. My first interview with them went very well and I was invited back for a second interview next week. The only thing that makes me nervous is they want me to do a writing/editing exercise when I am there next week. While I normally do quite well in these areas it is still a scary unknown. My editing skills are the thing I am most worried about. I have been known to split an infinitive or two in my day. :)

So I suppose this post is really a request for prayer. I really respect this organization and love the people that I have met so far. It is a job that I am very excited about and an organization that I can totally stand behind. Please pray that if this job is for me I would feel prepared--and be prepared--for the interview. It is hard to be peaceful sitting around in Texas waiting for my "future" to start; and it is hard to be present in the present when I really want to know what it coming up around the bend.

Speaking of the future, look what I just did!

I honestly have to say that the 4 1/2 hours I spent "graduating" and sitting watching all of the undergraduates walk across the stage was more painful than the two years I spent in graduate school. At least in graduate school we got bathroom breaks! :) The final picture with my hubby and parents is from my hooding ceremony on Friday night. It was great! We each gave a speech and then were awarded our hoods. And there were only 18 of us... not 1800!

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