Thursday, July 10, 2008

Apparently they don't want me as a "Benefactor"

USF just changed their mascot to a fuzzier, "cuter" version of the cougar we had all grown to know and love. I am miffed. Does this look like a mascot that can lead us into victory at a national championship?

The only thing he will be leading anyone to is the middle-aged candy thrower at the Lame Mascot Parade.

What happened to the tough cougar that I grew to love? I can only assume this is a PR move designed to appeal to children. But why should we adapt to little kids?

So what if little Timmy and Susie are afraid of the old cougar mascot--at least he was tough.

I think a little fear is good for a kid. I know I was terrified of the old cougar as a child, and I have the pictures to prove it. I hold that it was because of my childhood fear that I was inclined to root for the flesh-ripping cougar!

And I turned out pretty normal, right? Don't answer that.


Dianna said...


Well, the old cougar costume was nasty gross, so it needed replacing. But the replacement is not good either. I don't doubt part of why it's so cuddly is the little kid thing though.

Anonymous said...

I hope that picture you posted wasn't an exact photo of the mascot? If it was, I think an animal shelter needs to be called immediately and have that poor thing groomed and fed.
Scaring kids! What a joke. It reminds me of taking my kids to see santa at the mall one time and I saw him first and he must have weighed 100 pounds wet. We wisked our kids out of there so fast. I didn't want them leaving a gross of cookies for him at Christmas!
Go Cougars, at least you didn't change your name to the ostrichs or peacocks!

Tim- Uncle to Carrie

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