Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm a Bad Blogger...

Word on the street is that I am a bad blogger, or at the very least, inconsistent! :) I will post two in a day and then go (ahem) a really long time without an update. Sorry, faithful blog readers. I hereby pledge to try and do a better job of updating.

First, my new job at Methodist Children's Home... Oh, you didn't know I got it. Whoops... forgot to blog that too. So, I got a job at the Methodist Children's Home. I am the Community Relations Officer and I work doing public relations and some fundraising in the Development Office. For more information on the ministry of the Methodist Children's Home you can check out their website.

My office is in this beautiful building! Jealous? :)

I have already written my first article for the newest installment of Sunshine Magazine. I am very excited to see it in print in September. My boss was very complimentary of my writing abilities and I am beginning to gain confidence in my "journalistic" writing skills. It is certainly a different kind of writing than APA style research papers! :)

Another part of my job is taking pictures of events on campus. That is a very fun job that I am LOVING! I get to leave the office in the middle of the afternoon to take photos of pool volleyball! :) What fun!

I am also working on our fall appeal which is a letter that goes out to our constituents. It tells them a little more information about a specific student on our campus and then asks that they consider helping the Home financially. I am excited to interview my student and get started on that big project.

Another project in the works is a DVD/slideshow tour of campus. I have already created the scripts for the project. Now I need to do more editing and get some studio time recording the narration before I add in the photos. It is all quite exciting!

Surprisingly, the rest of my life is pretty much the same as ever. Marc is working full time at the bank and we are enjoying a homework-free life (even if it is temporary).

Please know that I feel your prayers and they are indeed working. I am so thankful for this position and for the way I feel completely bathed in prayer everyday. It is only by the strength of God that I can do what I do.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have some wonderful variety and some pretty cool projects in your job. Thanks for the update and I'm not at all sorry about being a "nag".
Love you ,
Aunt Barb

Sara said...

Awww! You're making me miss my old job! :-) Glad you're enjoying yourself!

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