Saturday, August 2, 2008

DIY Inspiration

I have been sitting here with family, enjoying their presence, feeling completely exhausted from a long and wonderful busy day and reading up on some of my favorite craft sites on my mother-in-law's computer. Here is some of what I have found and would like to duplicate...when I decide to get crafty. :)

This set of clips from would be super easy to make, and fun to use at work or home. I see them with a magnet on the back, but we will see what I end up with. Either, way, they seem very fun. :)

The second idea is from It is for a wrist rest for a computer keyboard and another itty bitty one for the mouse. They are filled with buckwheat and lavender. However, I think I will fill mine with rice and lavender. They would make fun Christmas presents for working women, huh? :)

I really love this idea too. When I go out to interview staff and students for articles, I would love to do it on a homemade clipboard designed just for me. Here is one that is pretty cool.

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