Friday, August 1, 2008

Getting Printed

Well it has finally happened. I have been fingerprinted.

My job required that I get fingerprinted because of my close work with the youth. Apparently they don't trust people who have lived out of state in the last five years. :)

I arrived at the fingerprinter (is that really a title?) last week and was surprised to find out that they had an electronic fingerprinting device! No ink involved, not even the disappearing kind! As I was being fingerprinted--which is one of the most odd experiences because they roll your fingers all around to get all sides of the print--I was informed that my fingerprints were exceptional.

As if they would be anything else! :)

She said she knew they were exceptional because they showed up darker on the screen and the darker the print the better. I have no idea how you can judge the strength or value of a fingerprint, but apparently, I have good ones.

So you can understand that it came as a shock to me when I received a phone call yesterday telling me that I would have to come back in to be re-fingerprinted. Apparently my prints were not good enough.

That is what I get for feeling prideful about my beautiful fingerprints.


Anonymous said...

That is funny! Proverbs says something about pride going before a fall, but nothing about having to be re-fingerprinted. Actually, feeling good about your fingerprints isn't pride since the Lord made those fingerprints. So don't worry about a fall! Love your craft ideas, too. I'm glad you are having a great visit with the Andersons. Love you bunches, Mom :-)

Sara said...

Ah, fingerprinting. You have no idea what you've been spared by not having to do it the old fashioned way...when we did JoJo's adoption app, I had to go back to work with black fingers. It took a whole day for the ink to finally wear and wash off. I jokingly explained it by saying that my night job was working as a mechanic! :-)

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