Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Found It! :)

The book I was thinking of is Little Toot! Funny name considering that I grew up in a family that referred to farts as toots.

The book is about a little tugboat who would rather play than help his father work in New York harbor. Eventually Little Toot does choose to help, but when he helps he accidentally causes a major crash and is banished. But when a storm comes up and strands a big ocean liner, he is the only one that save the day.

The story begins, "at the foot of an old old wharf lives the cutest, silliest tugboat you ever saw..."

Little Toot got his name from the sound he makes. "Blow hard as he would, the only sound that would come out of his whistle was 'toot! toot! toot!'"

I think that Little Toot and I are kindred spirits. Little Toot preferred to play rather than work. "Little Toot had no desire to be tossed around. He preferred the calm water of the river itself where he could always find a little fun."

But as you know Little Toot can't stay in the safety of the river harbor for long. Eventually he is needed to perform a rescue and he saves the day - but he was very scared. I would be too! Who am I kidding, I am scared of my own ocean! :)

So if you get a chance, go to the library and find a big comfy chair where you can sit down and read Little Toot. I am sure you will be refreshed and encouraged by the honesty and transparency of the subject.


The Hitchcocks said...

That's exactly the book I was thinking of too! I was thinking his name was Little Tug, but that didn't seem quite right. Little Toot -- of course! What a great book.


Flip-flop Mama said...

I got to your blog from Sara's but my kids got that book and I COULD NOT READ IT WITHOUT LAUGHING, because we call farts toots too. I hid it because I can't read it. . too many giggles by me!

The Hitchcocks said...

Hi Carrie,

I've noticed that Sean and Theresa's blog is invited readers only, so I can't access it anymore. Do you have Theresa's e-mail address, so I can send her a quick note?


Sean said...

you will always be our little toot.

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