Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas at the Anderson house...uh...apartment

Well, it is obviously not Christmas today, nor is it even New Year's Day! I have been meaning to get this up here for a while now so here goes.

Our Christmas was great! Marc and I both had Christmas Day off and took off the day after Christmas. My Mom and Dad came down (by car) to visit us and drove through the night on Tuesday to get to us by Christmas Eve morning! It was a ton of fun to spend Christmas with Mom and Dad and have a chance to catch up. It made me wish that they lived closer. But hopefully someday that will be the case. :)

Here are some pictures and videos from our festivities.

This cat food was a "present" from Mom and Dad to Oscar. It looked and smelled like vomit. Oscar agreed and wouldn't even taste it! It must have been pretty bad for a fat cat to say "No" to food!

I know how to make my hubby happy - kiddie toys in his stocking!

We love bubble wrap! :)

I LOVE THESE THINGS! :) When I was a kid, my uncle Jim got me some pills that turned into little sponge animals. I think I played with them in the bathtub until the sponges fell apart. Marc helped me relive my childhood memory with some African safari themed "growing pills."

Oscar was pooped from all the excitement! Who are we kidding? Oscar is always tired! :)

Here are a few funny videos from our Christmas Eve dinner with Mom and Dad...ahem...and Oscar. You may remember that last Christmas we let Oscar sit in a chair at the table because he wouldn't stop meowing until he could sit in a chair and see us. Well, we continued the tradition this year because, once again, Oscar was meowing up a storm.

It is so weird. He won't eat our food, he just wants to sit by all of us!

He did, however, want to play with the napkin ring. What can I say? Cats are dumb! Clearly Mom's parmigian chicken is superior to napkin rings!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Oscar,
We miss you! You are such a sweet cat and totally funny! Sorry about the yucky cat food. It was supposed to be gourmet. What can I say? You are a very discerning cat.

We miss Carrie and Marc, too. It was a great Christmas. I sure wish Waco and Sioux Falls were closer together.

Mom and Dad Patterson

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