Friday, May 15, 2009

Haven't blogged in a while...

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I've been busy with a lot of things at work. One of which is a new project. You see, I have been given the pleasure of creating the Boys Ranch yearbook for 2008-2009. As a part of that, I get to create my own backgrounds for the pages, etc. So...I spent some time learning more about making textured papers/background in Photoshop CS4 so I could one day use this yearbook as a part of my "portfolio" of design and PR things. I figure the more I do myself, the more I will be able to show it off!

I got so addicted to playing around on PHotoshop today that I spent the evening making a new background for my blog. I used some free bird brushes (free for commercial and non-commercial use), as well as some free grunge brushes (also free for commercial and non-commercial use). Other than that, it is just a lot of Photoshopping and patience. I'm pretty proud of it. And I think this blog background is a better reflection of me than the previous one. I love green. :)

Watching The Matrix (complete with Rifftrax) right now with Marc and Melanie (Dianna's roommate and our friend). I'm also spending some time with the kitty, Harry. He is so cute! :)

I get to go on a trip this weekend to visit a church in Carthage Texas with some Ambassadors. Interesting way to spend a Saturday night, but it should be fun. Marc gets to come with me this time, so I am excited!

I found a cool website that creates tilt-shift photos for you. If you don't know what tilt-shift is, that is okay! It is a fancy word to describe photographs that look like they are miniature models (like the thing architechts create). It is especially fun to play around with landscape and traffic photos to make them look more exciting. Here is a photo of the falls. I found it on the internet, it is not mine...



And another...



I especially like it on the second photo. If you want to try the free tool for yourself, click here!


Kim said...

Those photos are pretty sweet. And I love the new background. It kinda makes me wish I had photoshop, but then again, I would probably spend too much time playing with it.

Anonymous said...

What software do you have to have on your computer to use that computer program you mentioned? I loved the falls!

Mom and I spent the day out at her school. She worked on putting away things, putting grades onto the website and I worked on job search and my dissertation. Getting a gameplan put together.

Have a good trip to the "hills of Texas"! I just don't think of Texas as being hilly for some reason!



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