Saturday, May 2, 2009


First, an idea from a crafty place. I don't like their web design, but I love their ideas. The site is that was a mouthful! :)

This would be fun to give to a couple getting married. I think... :)

Having a crafty day! I started the day with a trip to Esme's, a local treasure/antique/junk shop. Esme's is only open on Saturdays, so I've only been there once before. however, it was a sad day. I got inside and the owner (Esme?) said they were actually closed today, but she would let me look around anyway. And then she dropped the bomb--they are closing next week! SAD!

However, she said that they are having a huge sale next weekend. Everything must go! And this store is FULL of treasures, my friends! I'm excited for next weekend.
And on top of all that, I got a great deal on some fun stuff! I got three frames (no backing or anything, just an empty frame w/o glass. I also got an old index file drawer - I have been eyeing these for about a year now! No, I don't know what I'll hide in it yet. :) Mine is an army green color - I think I'll paint it the same hammered metal color as the tray below.

Speaking of the tray, I got this tray (see picture below)! No, it wasn't nearly this beautiful when I bought it this morning. It was a nasty shade of floral and black ickiness! I painted it a hammered metal color. I'm going to hang it on the wall of my office with a decorative ribbon (glued to the back to hang it). I will use it as a magnet memo board.

Here are the frames (two of them anyway) that I bought today. I painted them a robin's egg blue/green.

I also painted these cork trivets. One is blue and two are yellow gold. They will be strung together with ribbon as a cork board in my craft area.

Here are the gold ones! :) Oh, and I only spent 12 dollars for all this plus a yellow train case to use for a sewing box! :) More pictures later, Marc needs the computer to write a sermon! :)


Sarah Gail said...

Carrie! I love shops like that! Where is Esme, and will they be open next Saturday? Are there any other fun Waco places like that? Do tell!

Canderson said...

Sarah! Thanks for commenting! Yes, it will be open next Saturday. I wish I had known you loved shops like that, I was desperately in want of a crafty-fun friend today! They are on LaSalle (near the cemetary) in a blue building with lots of vines on it. Let me know if you want to go together, otherwise I may see you there! :) But, next Saturday is their last day of operation! :(

Anonymous said...


Man, you are so much like your Mom and she is so much like Grandma Pete was!!!!!! You come up with the neatest ideas honey! I can see you someday sponsoring a craft club in a church where you work on projects and share ideas with one another and have a spiritual time together. There are probably some women that aren't going to join a traditional "cicle" where all you do is sit around, study missionaries and eat off of dessert plates but would love a craft group!!!! Mom could come visit and bring her crafty ideas along!!!! You rock girl!

Daddo Pat

Sarah Gail said...

Let's go together!! I'd love to catch up on life and have a crafty friend. I desperately need to decorate my apartment. . . and could use some help!!

Canderson said...

Let's do it! :) How about 10:00 on Saturday morning? I will be dressed grungy, so no pressure. :) Wanna pick me up? Do you know where I live?

Sarah Gail said...

10 a.m. grungy sounds PERFECT! I Don't know where you live and I don't have my old phone anymore with your number. :( Email me you number and directions? I'm SO pumped!

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