Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun crafty ideas that make me want to be on vacation...

So, I have some ideas. First, I was looking at and I saw that she had a magnetic board on her dresser with some of those Ikea magnetic clear-top circular metal containers stuck to it. I have always loved those containers and wanted a good way to use them so i could have an excuse to buy them on my next trip to Roundrock, Texas. 

Now I have a reason! :) I have been looking at a better way to keep our dresser top clean (it is ALWAYS full of stuff). I think that I will look for a fun old cookie sheet with a nice patina and see if I can paint it to hang on the wall. Then I'll get some of those cheap Ikea things and put earrings and broaches in them (with the clear tops the earrings will show through so i can see what I have). Then I'll get a few magnetic hooks (Mom, do you remember where you got the ones you have on the fridge for potholders?) and put them on it with necklaces hanging from that. 

Second, I have a reason to head back to Laverty's (an antique store in Waco). The other day I saw these great old doilies there and thought they were so fun looking. But I didn't have a good use for them, so I didn't' buy them. But now, I have an idea thanks to! See this photo? I think it would be a fun decoration in our bedroom. We don't have anything on our bedroom walls and the background paper behind the doilies could add some color to the room.

Then, I can hang the pictures from some nifty old repurposed drawer pulls! Just get old drawer pulls and take out the screw inside and replace it with a 1 1/2 inch long hanger bolt. Then drill a hole and screw it in. Place a ribbon hanger on the frame and hang from the drawer pull. I love it! :) Uh oh! Now I can't wait for the next weekend! :) I can't believe it is almost May! 

Third, I think it would be fun to make some of these accordion books. I remember making some with my Mom back at Family Camp II one year. Remember, Mom? :) I think they make fun gifts. Plus they are a great excuse to keep cute ribbon on hand. :)

Also, should I find myself with some drawers, I would like to do something fun like this sometime. I don't' know where I'd put it...I just like it! :)

That was my crafty inspiration for the night. What fun! :)

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I do remember the accordion style books we made at Family Camp! I still have some of the materials we used for them. It was fun and I'm so glad you brought it up. I also love the doily idea. You can usually get some of those at $ stores although they aren't as unique as the antique type. I need to make some inexpensive gifts very soon. Yeah! Now I know what to make. :-)
I also love the drawer pull idea. I must check out that website. Look for the hooks at a hardware store. Have fun with the craft ideas and put some pictures on your blog. Love you bunches, Mom

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