Friday, June 12, 2009

Attics Still Unknown, Sitting like Barack and Being an Auntie...

Didn't pull the cord yet. I am afraid it will bring down a staircase and I'm not quite emotionally ready for that experience. :) Also, I want to do it on a weekend when I can't get caught in the act. (i.e. I'm a weakling).

On another note, I shut my door and sat at my desk like Obama today. I felt pretty powerful. :)

On another another note, I am an intentional auntie! As many of you know, while I was growing up, my Mom was in a Bible study with a great group of women. These women all happened to have little girls (Really! No boys! Well, except for Tim and Brian but, blah blah blah). Since our Mom's consider themselves to be sisters, we all call them the Aunties. I have an Auntie Marilyn, an Auntie Paula and an Auntie Susie!

All this is a long way of explaining that Auntie Paula's daughter Heather had a baby girl today! Heather, and her husband Ryan, are going to be awesome parents. And of course, as a part of my obsession with babies, I had to know how we would be defining my relationship with the newest member of "the Family." Lindsay (Heather's sister and my childhood best friend) and I decided that rather than being a cousin Carrie (since our Mom's are the Aunties) I would be Auntie Carrie. After all (we reasoned), it better explained the relationship. :)

I'm not sure how being an "intentional" rather than biological auntie is passed down through the generations, or even how it all really works, all I know is that I have a new little "intentional" niece and I couldn't be happier!

Did I mention that this little bundle "just happened" to be born on her aunt Lindsay and grandma Paula's birthday? Three generations of ladies with the same DOB...crazy!

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool! And Candence is lucky to have you as her Auntie Carrie as well! The Aunties prayed for all of you women (once girls) all of these years. They prayed that you would all seek God and you all did! They prayed you would find wonderful men in your lives if that was the right thing (it is coming true in your lives! And now they are starting to pray for children because while they will wait, they are all very anxious to become grandma aunties or intentional great aunties or whatever you think we should call them!

Love ya,


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