Thursday, June 11, 2009

Attics Unknown and Office Posture

No matter how you feel about President Obama on a personal, or even political level, I think we can all agree that it is cool that we have a president who is willing to "put his feet up" once and a while, even if he is talking to the Israeli Prime Minister in a country in which showing the soles of your feet is taken as an offense. (For the full story, click the picture). I guess it could just be that I have always wanted to do this at work but haven't had the guts...

But now that the President is doing it... :)

On a completely different note, I wanted to show you the torment I go through each day at work. Every day, as I walk to get my morning cup of coffee in our staff break room, I am tormented by this.

It is a pull-down attic. I desperately want to know what would be in an attic of a building like this. Built in the 1950s, our Administration building is a gorgeous Georgian-style, white-columned building with lots of class. And I can think of nothing better than pulling that delicious looking metal chain and exploring the attic. You might not think that my temptation is a big deal, but I walk by that chain at least five or six times a day as I go to other offices.

Pure, unadulterated office torture, I say.


Locketts said...

When you finally surrender to the temptation please call me. I'd love to rummage with ya'.

The Bullards said...

Omygosh, please pull that chain! I honestly can't believe you haven't done it yet. When you do (ahem, tomorrow!) please post and tell us what you found!

Yes, Collin's mom is okay. :)

We are going to be in Waco next week... Tiffani Riggers and Matt Fulmer will be in town too... maybe we can all get together! Will you be around?

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