Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blanket-smoothing, Bed-making something or other...

It all started when I got married I guess. I used to HATE having a top sheet on me when I slept. Mom and Dad always made me use them, but once I got to college (and the heat of Grand Island Hall) I quickly shed the top sheet in favor of a comfy quilt. Life was great that way for four years... but then I got married.

Marc didn't mind not using a top sheet, but I eventually started to feel guilty and thought that as "adults" we should probably get used to using a complete sheet set. As the years have gone by I haven't thought much about it.

Slippery slope, my friends.

You see, it isn't just using top sheets that has changed. I used to wash my sheets when it was convenient rather than on a schedule. And since I have mostly lived in apartments without a washer and dryer, washing sheets was not a priority. Not to be gross, but I was lucky if it happened every few months. Not so now! Now I wash the sheets weekly, and we still don't have our own washer and dryer.

And I never used to make my bed but it never bothered me. Now, I have to make the bed before I can get in it at night. The sheets MUST be pulled tight and re-tucked and the blankets simply MUST be smooth!

Last night, as I was straightening the bed and plotting when I could change the sheets, all of this came on me at once. I thought, "My goodness! Who am I? When did I become a blanket smoothing, bed making, sheet changing adult?"

Part of me wants to rebel tonight and sleep tonight on an unmade rumpled bed without a top sheet...

Who am I kidding? I'm even obsessive about properly folding fitted sheets. Who am I? :)

For a great tutorial on folding a fitted sheet click here!

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Kim said...

Even I, as a single student understand the need for a well-made bed to sleep in. But the way I tuck the sheets, that really only entails pulling everything back up snug in the morning, so it goes pretty quickly. And I think my undergrad habits top yours--I was lucky to get my sheets washed once a semester!

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