Saturday, June 6, 2009

I found friends to "junk" with!

Lacey and Jalon just moved to Waco from USF and I just found out that they love to go to junk shops! We spent the morning and early afternoon at two different shops in Waco. It was a blast, and I only spent $8!

On another note, we just tried out our ice cream maker yesterday. Actually, we tried to use it on Thursday evening, but we "ahem" failed to read the directions. I assumed that Marc had read the directions on the instruction sheet, so when he said we didn't need any ice, I believed him. What we failed to realized was that the only reason we didn't need the ice was because we were supposed to freeze the bowl! Needless to say, after twenty-five minutes of listening to the machine whirring, we were disappointed to see the soupy mess. After a bit of investigating we recognized our mistake and put the bowl in the freezer so we could enjoy it on Friday night. It was great once we used the machine the right way! :)

1 comment:

Barb said...

Oh Marc, you've got to learn: it's okay to ask for directions and it's okay to read directions!
Carrie, my friend, live and learn.

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