Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Fun in Waco

Things have been a bit busy around here lately, so I haven't posted nearly enough pictures with my posts. I guess I just hate waiting around for Bloggers slow uploads. :) Here are a few fun ones from the last month or so.

I like to call this one, "What is, "That thing you never want to see on your sidewalk unattended."

Marc and I on our little Austin getaway. We did this on MCH's dime too! The great thing about my job is that I can combing work and pleasure. I had a meeting in Austin for work and I took Marc along so we could celebrate his birthday Austin style! :) Here we are at Kurby Lane enjoying an outdoor lunch.

Water with lemons, as always! :)

This is the ice cream Marc received at Diary Queen in McGregor, Texas. I think the guy making the cone was either new, or definitely beat to his own drummer...

Me and my little Lynne. This was on the Fourth of July right before we went to watch the fireworks. Lynne and her hubby Adam (and little Kyleigh Jo - in utero, of course) joined my parents and I for the fourth of July. It was a ton of fun.

I made this flower pin for my purse. It is made from a fabric covered button!


Tiffani R said...

Hi Carrie! I think the photo of the nitrogen tank is HILARIOUS! and the pic of you an Marc is adorable. Totally worth waiting for the slow blogger uploads!

Glad you are having fun in the TX heat! Love, Tiff

Jonathan and Lyndsy Manz said...

Agree with the slow blogger uploads even worse with video! But I LOVE the dairy queen cone, gotta love personality with your ice cream :) Nice creative button flower- you are too crafty!

Candice said...

Cute! Glad you posted. Also- my Skype ID is candicebullard (I think). :)

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