Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spontaneous Crafting

I did this over my lunch break.

Here is a close up of the stitching on the ends. It is in white, so it is harder to photograph. Don't you love the yummy Amy Butler print?!

Why did I make this? Because I have been watching CSS and Dreamweaver tutorials all day and my elbows were hurting from leaning on my desk. Hence the spontaneous lunch craft. Here is a brief tutorial if you are so inspired. I call it a Wrist Wrest. I know. I'm so creative!

How To Make a Wrist Wrest:

1. Get an 18" by 8" piece of fabric.

2. Hot-dog fold it in half (i.e. fold it so it is long and skinny) with the right sides of the fabric facing the inside of the fold.

3. Sew up the long side and up one of the short sides, leaving the last side open for filling it with rice.

4. Turn the bag inside out and poke out the corners nicely.

5. After poking out the corners, stitch the already closed short end again, this time with a decorative stitch about .25" from the edge of the bag. This step is optional, but I like it because then, when I close the bag, I can stitch the other end closed with the same stitch and they will match (with no hidden stitching required)!

5. Fill with your filling of choice. I suggest rice as it lays nicely and can be used as a hot or cold pack in a pinch! However, you could also use lentils (nice round beans that feel fun), corn, cherry pits, flax seed and even a pinch of lavender in there to make it smell nice. As you fill, be sure to feel the bag. You don't want it too full. Otherwise the filling can't move and adjust to your body.

6. Fold in the rough edge on the open part of the bag about 1/2" and finger press the seam so it is straight. Then use the same decorative stitch to close the open end of the bag.

Want one? Want me to make it?
I will, for only $7! Let me know if you would like to order one by leaving a comment on the blog. They make a great wrist cushion for those of us who work on computers all day. They also double as great hot and cold packs!


Anonymous said...

You are ever so clever! Great idea!
I recently saw a mouse pad with a wrist rest on it (purchased). Perhaps that's another craft idea you could make and sell/gift.
I really like the fabric.
Mom :-)

down pillow said...

Wonder if one filling would be better than another, as far as holding in heat or cold? I could see me using this as work, sometimes my boss keeps it so cold that I would really love to have a nice warm spot to wrap around me! I'm pretty sure I can give it a try myself. Thanks for the idea though!

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