Wednesday, August 26, 2009

After and After - UPDATED!

Instead of titling this Before and After, I went with After and After. I forgot to take a before shot. But I think that is okay. I will just describe the way it used to look.

Imagine a black tray with a hideous orange and red and yellow floral design. Got it in your head? Make it look a little worse. Now, that is the before.

Here is the after.

It is now my message board in my office. The little magnets you see are old vintage buttons that I made into magnets by gluing the buttons to tiny magnets. They work great. It is a fun way to show off some of my favorite pictures from work (and from friends).

Just a little Tuesday Trash to Treasure for you...on a Wednesday!

I should also mention that I used my favorite spray paint to paint this. See this post for more info. The hanger is just a simple satin ribbon glued on with Gorilla Glue. I love that stuff for gluing on things that don't show! It holds really well. However, you should know that a little goes a long way. It has a tendency to "grow" as it dries, so you will want to test it on projects where it won't show (like this project) before moving on to other crafty pursuits.


Locketts said...

Absolutely adorable! I'm inspired to go junking for my own message tray:) Thanks for sharing and being my craft muse!

Kim said...

Luv what U did & makes me feel good when I have visions like that knowing someone else does what I think:) Inspires me to do things instead of thinking about them. Also, the gorilla glue it great to use! Try the tape sometime. If you don't watch what U R doin, you can really get tangled & caught up in it too:) Again, thanks for sharing. Have a Great Weekend!!

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