Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Challenge...

I have taken the challenge. I pledged to complete 10 tasks in 10 days. Here are some of the things I have been wanting to do. I'll just have to pick 10 from this list!

1. Make a burlap banner. Don't worry, it won't say "Boo," probably something more like, "Celebrate." Then it can be used for general celebrations, birthdays, dinner parties.

2. Make a bigger stuffed Scotty dog out of the new, cheap fabric I bought. It is charcoal gray fuzzy felt and it screams "Please make me into a stuffed dog!"

3. Switch out my bobbin to the brand new transparent thread I purchased for 1/2 price. This is the lazy sewer's dream! I NEVER have to switch the bobbin and thread unless I want to! I'll let you know how it works.

4. Use some of my fun Amy Butler fabric for a project. Quit saving it for that non-existent "dream" project, Carrie!

5. Make that sign for our dining room.

6. Formally invite the Waco crew for Thanksgiving Dinner at our place this year.

7. Make some of these nifty bookends. Sorry, I don't have the link for this anymore. I remember seeing these in a store and Googleing it.

8. Repaint the clock and put it back together.

9. Fix my desk so the drawer stops sagging.

10. Touch up the paint on our dining room chairs (they are black, but I want to touch up the paint in some places and distress them in others. Something like this but a little less obviously distressed...)

11. Paint numbers on the dining room chairs. Like this? Marc said that numbers are only okay if we do them creatively. He is thinking of putting pi on one chair, square roots on another, etc. Hey, I can handle an eccentric take on a modern decorating trend! :) Especially when my hubby suggested it.

12. Distress the brand new stool for our "bar" area. What do you think of this treatment? I wouldn't do a number...maybe a letter, or maybe "Have a seat." or "Stay awhile." Thoughts?

13. Start a new embroidery project.

Hopefully this will help me kick start my creative juices and get me back on track with crafting again! I have been on an unintentional crafting hiatus for a few weeks.


Dianna said...

1. I'm in on Thanksgiving, of course.

2. I like the numbers on the chairs thing, and Marc's suggestion is pretty cute. :) I suggest doing an imaginary number too: Like 3i. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your ideas! The burlap banner makes me laugh. They were the "in" thing in the 70s. Go Retro! The chair idea is really cute. I imagine they need a little touch up and why not do it creatively?
I LOVE the bookends idea. I have the perfect charcoal gray vinyl fabric and I'm willing to share as I have plenty. You are smart to get going on the crafts as "Christmas is coming." I don't know if "the goose is getting fat" and as far as "putting a penny in the old man's hat.........."

Yes, it's 3:30 a.m. and I can't sleep. So, you get my goofy thoughts.

I'm going to try the pillow again. Of course, when the alarm rings at 6:00 I'll be really ready to sleep.

Love you,
Mom :-)

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Sounds like a great list! Hope you'll post your progress, I'll be by to cheer you on along the way!

Aunt Barb said...

Be sure to blog about that transparent thread for the bobbin. I have the wind-by-hand type bobbin now and I never seem to have the color I need on the bobbin.
Sounds like you have lots to keep you busy. They sound like fun ideas.

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