Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten Things Update!

In an effort to be successful at this 10 Tasks challenge, I have decided to add a few items to my selection list. I guess it is kind of like making your list of things to do after you already did them, but this is my blog, so it goes by my rules!

Here are a few more projects that have been hanging around in my mind gathering cobwebs.

1. Organize my crafting area and clean the desk.

2. Make a color recognition book for Syler.

3. Make crayons from old broken crayons.

Good additions, huh? I knew you would think so! And surprise, surprise, I finished two of these last night!

Last night I put together the color recognition book for Sy-Sy and even made him some pumpkin shaped crayons from my old broken crayons. Some of the new crayons even have a little glitter in them from old glitter crayons. I'm sure the Richardsons will love that!

I'll post pictures later, my camera battery is D-E-A-D. (That just means really dead.)


Candice said...

I love that you just added three things to your list and that you're playing by your own rules... just as it should be! :)

Anonymous said...

What about adding, building aheadborad for our queen-size bed? Hope you got it all done today.



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