Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring it up with a moss-covered ball!

If you're like me, you like to have greenery around the house. But if your like me, you may not have the most *ahem* green thumb in the neighborhood. This project might just be perfect.

What you need:

- Wood or Styrofoam balls (mine was wood with a flat bottom, but you could do a full circle too).
- Preserved Moss (mine was from Michael's - on sale too!)
- Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1: Get out your supplies. :)

Step 2: Start pulling pieces of moss off the sheet. Put down a little glue and press down the moss. Note: For the perfectionists out there, do NOT freak out. There is no magical "right amount, just break off a bit. You'll cover the naked spots in a minute. Press it down tightly.

Step 3: More glue. More moss.

Step 4:
This picture is just to show the view from the bottom. I was making this for myself, so I didn't worry about the bottom. If you were going to make one as a gift I would finish it off with a circle of felt.

Step 5: See the little naked spot at the bottom? Cut just a bit of moss with your scissors and glue it in place. Then play with the fibers a bit to hide the "patched" moss.

Step 6: Using your scissors, trim the moss on the bottom so it is nice and neat looking. If you were making a perfectly round ball with no bottom, you could skip this step...obviously.

All done! That was easy! You'll be amazed at how much heft the moss adds. Make sure the balls you purchase are smaller than your desired finished product. Here is the finished ball with an unfinished ball just for comparison.

I still haven't found the perfect place for this cute thing to live, but I'll try to keep you updated.

Sorry for my blogging absence. It has been C-R-A-Z-Y around here!


Tina said...

Love it Carrie!! I have heard so many bloggers from the US mention Michaels, it sounds like an amazing store!! Thanks for the fab tutorial, I would love to make some, if I can track down some moss!! Hope this week is less crazy for you:) ~ Tina x

Candice said...

Hilarious picture. P.S. Is your hair long enough for a ponytail?! Miss you!

Sara said...

I just made a bunch of those a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't talented enough to use hot glue though...had to go the spray adhesive route. I also made some topiaries with some old sticks from the backyard, a block of wood, and some burlap. Andy was thrilled beyond words... :-)

Whitney Lane said...

This is such a good idea! I've been wanting to cover some foam balls in moss for our coffee table. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

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