Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Book Review: The Rewards of Simplicity

The Rewards of Simplicity by Pam and Chuck D. Pierce is an interesting exploration of the meaning of simplicity in our culture and how we as Christians should exemplify simplicity and peace. I can warn you ahead of time that this will be a short review. I just didn't' have much to say about this book, either positive or negative. The book didn't give me any strong feelings or anything that I really feel are worth exploring in this review. So, I'll keep it short and sweet.

The book is divided in half into Pam's portion and Chuck's portion. This is important for several reasons. First, I found that just when I got used to Pam's narrative style, it switched to Chuck's section. Second, they are very different writers both in style and approach. I much preferred Pam's approach to the subject. I struggled to even finish Chuck's portion of the book.

All in all, it was a mediocre exploration of ideas such as Sabbath, simplicity, peace, anxiety and materialism. I appreciated the topic, but I didn't feel that the book gave me any practical skills or examples on how to really simplify my life. For that reason, I give the book a two out of five. I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone.

Note for Full Disclosure: While I do not receive any monetary compensation for my book reviews, I am provided with free complimentary copies of each book. That being said, this review is completely my own, and free from the influence of Bethany House Book Publishers.

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Keri Wyatt Kent said...

I have a book called Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity that I think you would like. Very practical tips on how to make simplicity and Sabbath keeping a part of your life. Let me know if you want to review it!!
Keri Wyatt Kent

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