Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book Review: Wings of a Dream

In Anne Mateer's book Wings of a Dream Rebekah Hendricks leaves her home in Oklahoma to spend time with her widowed aunt in Texas. Rebekah's boyfriend is attending aviator training for the military and with World War I in the picture, Rebekah needs a change of pace. But as Rebekah plans to see her Aunt Adabelle she prays that one day God will bring her and Arthur back together -- and it won't hurt being closer to him in Texas either!

When Rebekah arrives at her Aunt's she is disappointed to learn that the flu has taken over the town and her aunt is on her deathbed. In addition to this major devastation, Rebekah also learns that when her aunt passes she will be named the legal guardian of the four children that Adabelle was caring for while their father was away at war.

While Rebekah cares for the children she bemoans the fact that she is so tied down to them and unable to go visit her Arthur or even run away with him if he were to come for her. Yet, every day she spends with them she falls more and more in love with them and feels compelled to meet the man who is their father. And at the same time, the sheriff begins calling on Rebekah and complicating matters of the heart.

I loved this story. The characters are charming and real and the author was brilliant in writing a main character that grows and develops throughout the course of the novel. Five out of five stars!

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