Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random Vacation Thoughts

Okay, so I have a nasty sinus infection (i.e. my mind is mush). That being said, our house is less than clean and neat right now. I just haven't felt like cleaning... or getting out of bed for that matter. However, I am now on a lovely little thing called antibiotics and feeling much more lively. So in an effort to inspire myself to clean our pile of nastiness called an apartment, I went looking for online tips on cleaning--okay, it may have simply been my unique way of procrastinating. Now I have a renewed appreciation for people who actually like to clean (do they really exist?) and a renewed inspiration for attacking my own little pig sty. Oh, and I came across a great tutorial on how to fold fitted sheets (sorry I never learned it from you Mom). Click on the picture below for the tutorial!

Now for the random thoughts.

I hate how USF still sends us stuff addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Marc B. Anderson despite the fact that we have told them that is somewhat offensive to people raised in our "liberated-feminist" generation. Besides... I graduated first (not that anyone is counting...).

I found out that over 10,000 people have taken the pledge to buy homemade for Christmas. The very same pledge I took! And the pledge was featured in the New York Times magazine too!

Which reminds me! I love my in-laws! They sent us a gift card for a Christmas present so Marc can use it for getting me a sewing machine! I think I will ask Marc for the Brother BC1000 because Singers are just not what they used to be according to most websites. I have heard nothing but good about Brother's however, if you have a different experience, speak now. :)

I hate it when you blow your nose and your ear pops.

We got a Joel Osteen "30 Thoughts for Victorious Living" pamphlet in the mail. God bless him and his prosperity gospel.

We are watching our friends house over Christmas... I should note that this basically means we steal her cable and hang out there every night. I am loving Jon and Kate Plus Eight on TLC!

My hubby left a cute post-it note on my pillow last night. I love him so much. :)

I slept in until noon and stayed lazing in bed until almost 3:00... wow... I am told by friends who have kids that now is the time to stock up on these experiences because once we have kids they will be few and far between.

Is anyone still reading this? I swear this is like a stream-of-consciousness exercise. :)

Anyway... I am loving making your Christmas presents (and I promise to disinfect them before I give them to you)!


Sara said...

People who like to clean do indeed exist. I am one of them. I also, according to the brain trust at Meyers-Briggs, have a personality that less than one percent of the population possesses. Will you love me anyway? :-)

Dianna said...

I've commented on these entries as I catch up with them. Yay!

I'm glad you got a day to sleep in. I tried to sleep in today and only made it to 9:45. I think being with my Oxford friends again destroyed my "sleeping in" mechanism - I could never sleep past 10 when I was over there either. Random.

I love your "bless him" thing. It's very similar to the "bless his heart" insult - "Good lordy, he is dumb, bless his heart!" :)

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